2 more Nokia phones get free Ovi Maps for life

In an effort to guide once-loyal customers back into the fold, Nokia has expanded its free Ovi Maps offering to 2 of its most popular Eseries phones, the full-QWERTY Nokia E71 and the smooth-slidin’ Nokia E66.

Ovi Maps is free (for life) with any compatible unit and will come with the Drive navigation, Walk navigation, Maps and map updates, Events guides, Lonely Planet guides, and Michelin guides.

Existing E71 and E66 owners can avail themselves of the free service by following these steps:

1. Download the new Ovi Maps application from nokia.com/maps to your PC;
2. Install the application using Ovi Suite to your device; and
3. Go to applications folder and start using Ovi Maps.

We have to stress that you need to download the new Ovi Maps application or else you will be charged €9.99 (about P600).

Note that you may be asked to upgrade your firmware. To do so, simply use the Nokia PC Suite and click on “update phone software.” If you purchased your unit from Globe, Smart, or Sun and you’re experiencing difficulties upgrading, visit your nearest payment/service center and have them install the latest version.

If they are unable to help you, Nokia centers are also an option.

If Nokia centers are no help, go to Greenhills or to your friendly neighborhood tiangge.

If none of these work, get an iPhone.


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