In life, there’s always the ideal mix that makesus feel complete. With food, ice cream, shaved ice, macapuno, ube, leche flan completes your favorite yummy halo-halo. In the movies, there’s the perfect chemistry of the lead actor with his leading lady. While in the world of fashion, tank tops and racer backs with cute flip flops is the perfect summer outfit for girls; whereas shirt and shorts with cool cap and sneakers for boys.

When it comes to prepaid load, wouldn’t it be nice to also have the perfect mix of calls, texts and other value-added services in just one load? Introducing the new Sun Unlimited Mix— the load which combines all four great mobile phone services in one! Imagine for only P25, you get to enjoy 20 texts to other networks, unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts, 360 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls and 15 minutes of mobile Internet – all for one (1) day.

Enjoy the convenience of getting in touch with people from other networks with Sun P25 Unlimited Mix’s FREE 20 texts to other networks. No need to change SIM cards. All you need is your own cellphone powered by one Sun SIM and you’re in touch with practically anyone.

Of course, your Sun P25 Unlimited Mix is equipped with Sun Cellular’s trademark value-for-money service – 24/7 Text Unlimited. You can text all your Sun friends, classmates, family members, colleagues, clients and virtually anyone under the Sun courtesy of your unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts.

And the coolest thing about Sun P25 Unlimited Mix is that you can go online anytime you want with your 15 minutes of FREE Internet surfing. Check your email, update your status in your favorite social networking sites, and web search your school projects on the go using your Sun phone with Sun Mobile Internet. Just activate your GPRS service (text ACTIVATE to 2300) after configuring your phone settings (text SETTINGS to 2300) and you’re on the go!

Longer validity is not a problem. Enjoy the perfect 4-in-1 load product with Sun P100 Unlimited Mix which gives you 100 FREE texts to other networks and 75 minutes of Sun Mobile Internet, plus your usual Sun Call and Text Unlimited features. Loading Sun P100 Unlimited Mix actually stretches your every peso for an extended period of time.

Four-in-one and so affordable! Can’t believe it? Then switch to Sun Cellular now and see for yourself why the new Sun Unlimited Mix is the perfect mix for you.

Sun Unlimited Mix P25 and P100 are available via Sun Xpressload. Subscribers may alsoconverttheir regular load to Sun Unlimited Mix by simply texting UMIX 25 or UMIX 100 to 247.

To know more about Sun Cellular’s products and services, visit The Sun Shop nearest you or call the Sun hotline 200 using your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline.


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