DTI and NTC Accepts Complaints Online

Ostensibly to help wronged retail and service provider customers, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) have set up online complaint forms.

The Consumer Complaints System of the DTI lets users enter their name, contact information, and the name of the establishment or person they want to complain about. Users can also upload two files (at the very least a scan of their proof of purchase) to provide further details. Got a complaint regarding a company or store’s deceptive businesses practices?

It’s more or less the same thing with the NTC system, but there’s no need to upload documents scans. I find funny the double question marks funny though: “Have you tried to contact and resolve the issue with the company in question??” If you have a complaint against Smart, Globe, Sun, or any other company who provides you with communication services.

I personally don’t know how effective either site is, but for anyone who’s tried lodging a complaint online, feel free to share your experience in the comments.


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    Eden L. Ynayan said,


    i would like to file this complaint to Smart Telecommunicastions… i am a post paid subscriber via the cell phone plan of my company. However any personal calls and other usage are supposed to be chargeable to me. Now on August, November and December 2011 i noticed large amount of data charges that were being billed to me which already sum up to around P15,000.00. Worst most of the data charges were done during the time that i was working and in the wee hours of the morning when i was asleep meaning they are charging me even if i am not even holding my phone.

    i already suffered some sleepless night regarding this charges because i could not even understand why smart is doing this to me. Accoding to them once your pocket data is being switch on in your unit their system automatically download some data to me until such time that the unit was turn to off position. Is this right at all? Meaning if somebody is downloading something there must be some control points in here maybe asking me if i am really downloading something so when the answer is Yes then thats the time to charge me but when the answer is No, no charges charges must be made upon me.

    Could you kinldy help me on this… i could be reach on email elynayan@chevron.com or elynayan@yahoo.com.ph.



  2. 2

    ely suyom said,

    gusto mo mag inquire parte sa operation ng mga fm radio stations sa NTC papaano?

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