From P1,200 to P999 a month until April 30 Globe Super Surf

If you need to be online in 2011, Globe has the perfect way to hook you up without breaking your budget. Grab your Globe mobile phone and sign up for Globe Super Surf, the brand-new add-on to your Globe Postpaid Plan that will have you browsing the Web in no time.

With Super Surf, set your inner Web desires free with an entire month of pure unadulterated surfing pleasure on your Globe phone for just P999. Imagine 30 days of blissed-out blogging and browsing on your Globe mobile phone, any time of the day or night, from wherever you happen to be in the country. Now you can tweet every minute or plurk to your heart’s desire, all for just P999 a month – a discounted price that’s a full P200 less than the regular price of P1,2o0 and which is available until April 30, 2011. With Globe, you can choose to surf via time browsing or kilobyte browsing, but if you do the math, you’ll see that Super Surf 999 is the most affordable choice.

Sign up by texting SUPERSURF ON to 8888. Just wait for the confirmation via text message then you can browse away. If you’re BlackBerry-bound, just text BB ON to 8888. If you’re looking for even lower-priced finds, text SUPERSURF ON 50 to try the 1-day option that’s just P50, or text SUPERSURF ON 220 for the 5-day service that’s only P220.

Globe Head for Broadband and Mobile Data Services Manny Escosa says, “We know customers worry a lot that the moment they surf on their phones, they’ll be hit with a huge bill that they didn’t expect. But with Super Surf, it’s the opposite: You know exactly how much you’ll be spending and it’s a very affordable rate, too. So you can enjoy the ease and convenience of using your Globe phone to access the Internet any time you need it, just the way you want it.”

So if you’ve been fighting the urge to surf on your phone for fear of huge bills, Globe puts that anxiety to rest with Super Surf 999. Now you can surf with Globe just the way you want: 24/7, without worries, at a price you can live with. Super Surf has got you covered.


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