Extra Awesome Weekends

Smart subscribers now have an extra reason to celebrate Saturdays and Sundays!

Weekends are the time for longer bonding moments with family and friends. Connecting by call, text, and mobile internet are needed more than ever.

Extra Awesome Weekends makes this possible — enjoy more texts, longer calls, and longer validity.
Each week, Smart will feature a favorite prepaid offer for Extra Awesome Weekends. There are no strings attached or complicated registrations needed!

This week’s offers:

For P20, subscribers get:
60 minutes consumable calls to SMART/TNT/red
+ 60 minutes mobile internet, valid for 1 day

For P30, subscribers get:
1,000 texts to SMART/TNT/red
+ 10 texts to all networks, valid until Sunday 11:59 PM


How Do I Register?
To register to Extra Call and Surf 20, text EXTRACALL to 8998
Register anytime from Sat 12mn to Sun 12nn, valid for 1 day

To register to Extra All Text 30, text EXTRATEXT to 8998
Register anytime within Sat to Sun, valid until Sunday 11:59 pm

How Do I Use?*
To call using CALL AND SURF 20, dial *6415 + 11digit SMART/TNT/red mobile number
E.g. *641509201234567

Need help?
Text INFO to 8998 for FREE INQUIRIES

*P1.00 must be maintained


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