Filipino inventions that ‘wowed’ the world!

No doubt, we Pinoys are born creative thinkers. Think of it, we can somehow get by and find ways to make life easier when we’re low on moolah. Want a new cellphone? Trade-in your old one. Can’t buy a car? Score a second-hand scooter. Dreaming of a 900-inch HDTV? Charge it on installment basis with your plastic cash.

You see, our ability to work around the problem is impressive. So in honor of the ingenious Pinoys, we introduce you to some of the world’s best breakthrough inventions and innovations that are 100% made by our very own kababayans. Thumbs up to you, chong!

1.The water car

“Nothing is impossible” might be Filipino inventor Daniel Dingel’s motto while he is creating his water-powered car back in 1969. How it works seems technical yet reading this might give you a pinch of idea. The vehicle uses regular fuel to start its engine. Afterwards, regular water will come rushing to the reactor which is split into two compartments. The mix will then result into combustion, propelling the car.
The invention was initially suspected to be a hoax. However, Mr. Dingle proved its capability as he drove from Manila to Cavite with 15 liters of water and only half a liter of gasoline. Officials of Department of Science and Technology later on dismissed accusations against Dingel’s water-powered car. We bet Metro Manila the whole country will have much cleaner air once everyone hits this kind of car!

2. Lighting system that revives busted lamps

Got busted lamps? Don’t throw it away yet! New World Technology, Inc. developed a system called Nutec Lighting System that can revive and prolong the life of busted fluorescent lamps for up to seven years. Filipino inventor and the company’s President Eric Ngo and his partner invented a high-tech starter that can revive the busted lamps. The invention lets you save money and results in less waste since you don’t have to replace your bulbs that often.

3. Videophone

We can’t totally say but Skype might have a run for its money if it started in the 50s. A Batangueño and renowned Filipino engineer named Gregorio Zara actually invented the first-ever videophone or the two-way television telephone that he called the “photo phone signal separator network”. This lets its users transmit video and audio between conversations real-time through a telephone back in 1955. We bet you didn’t know that.

4. The artificial womb

Back when caesarian and painless deliveries aren’t that prominent yet, an alumnae of the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Medicine and Harvard University School of Medicine’s first Asian female student, Dr. Fe del Mundo, made remarkable studies that soon led to the invention of the incubator.

The incubator works by maintaining an environment like a mother’s womb with the right temperature and comfort suitable for newborns. Other functions include oxygenation, protection, observation, nutrition, medication and maintenance. Think of it as an artificial womb, outside of mothers.

5. Antibiotic for penicillin allergies

No doubt, antibiotics make us feel better but what if you have an allergy to it? Good thing Filipino scientist Dr. Abelardo Aguilar was able to discover erythromycin, an antibiotic from the Aspergillus species of fungi in 1949. Erythromycin is used for patients who are allergic to penicillin and became its alternative. It was allegedly registered under the name of Iloson in honor of Iloilo where it was discovered and said to be the first successful macrolide antibiotic introduced in America.

6. The mole/wart remover

You know you will look more gwapo without that mole or wart yet you’re low on cash for a surgery. No need to worry, dude! Filipino scientist Rolando dela Cruz’s discovery will surely boost your pogi points. He formulated and enhanced a natural solution from the humble cashew nut (which is, by the way, abundant in our country) in 2000. This formula can eliminate deeply grown moles or warts leaving no marks and is said to be painless to the patients. Nice!

7. Vazbuilt’s instant abode

Want a house built in less than a month? Then better contact Edgardo “Kabahay” Vasquez! The World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) Inventor of the Year in 1995 developed Vazbuilt, a modular housing system that makes building a house possible in lesser time and for a cheaper price. Its reported that this system uses prefabricated materials strong enough to endure storms, earthquakes, fire and even termites! And what’s cooler is that it’s made with lighter materials which means you can dismantle and reassemble your house if you want to redesign.

8. Single-chip graphical user interface accelerator

Pinoy engineer Diosdado Banatao introduced the first single-chip graphical user interface accelerator in the planet. His concept is responsible for bringing better speeds to our PCs. He also is instrumental in developing the Ethernet controller chip which made the Internet possible. Now we know why he’s called the Bill Gates of the Philippines.

9. Wonder water

If there will be a liquid that can actually help students prep for an exam, it will definitely be sold out in an instant! And that can happen for the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) “Tubig Talino”. The special water is said to help cure goiter, mental and physical abnormalities and inborn illnesses. The wonder liquid is also rich in iodine. In fact, daily consumption will give an adult enough iodine for his/her daily needs. That definitely gets a thumbs up from us!


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