Anonymous PHL disowns media attacks, seeks to defend critical sites

Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous Philippines have disowned cyberattacks on the media and government websites crucial to public welfare.

The group also said that it was willing to defend critical sites against malevolent attacks, and said that it has called a temporary ceasefire to allow the government to ponder its actions.

Appeal for solidarity and sobriety

The hacker codenamed “#pR.is0n3r” —one of the key architects of the October 1 “Bloody Monday” cyberattacks that crippled over a dozen government websites— appealed to fellow Anons not to attack sites that aim to help people in time of need:

“(W)ag po sana tayong tumira ng GOVT site na alam natin na mag papahirap sa tao. wag po sana tayo maging dahilan para magkaron ng sakuna, piliin po natin. LAHAT NG GOVT SITE TARGET pero wag yung mag papahirap sa mga tao. pakiusap po namin lahat yan. Marami pong salamat,” #pR.is0n3r said.

The message was countersigned by allied hacker groups Anonymous #Philippine Cyber Army, Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines, and PrivateX.

Anonymous: We don’t target critical sites

On Thursday, Anonymous drew the line on which government sites to attack, after Project NOAH raised the alarm over an attempted attack on its servers.

The incident prompted Anonymous to remind hackers not to target sites that provide critical life-saving information.

Anonymous also said it had nothing to do with the attacks on the sites of Project NOAH, Manila Bulletin (, Tempo (, and Balita (

The group pointed out that Project NOAH is a life-saving project which aids Filipinos during times of calamities —”and crippling that system is strictly AGAINST our ethics.”

Besides, the group stressed that it abides by internal “rules and ethics” that include “NEVER to attack media sites or any sites that is being used by the masses to gather info.”

The group even called on its members to defend government websites critical to public welfare from “foreign incursions”.

“Let’s defend the sites from foreign incursions, I don’t want the ‘Project Noah incident’ to happen again. Now fight these thieving and dishonorable hackers!” said “~MENGSK” on the Facebook account of Anonymous #PhilippineCyberArmy.

Ceasefire to allow gov’t response

The group also hinted at a ceasefire when it said that, before the attacks on Project NOAH and Manila Bulletin happened, “We had already agreed to STOP further attacks and wait for the response from the government about their stand on the Cyber Crime Law.”

“So now, we let the people decide. But PLEASE put into mind that Anonymous is an idea, Anonymous is Freedom, and Anonymous will always stand for what is right and just,” it said.


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