How to Extend a Laptop’s Battery Life

These days, laptops are designed to have longer battery life. However, as time goes by, a laptop’s battery life diminishes significantly. Imagine a scenario where you are in a business trip and suddenly your laptop goes low on battery. It would be a real hassle to look for a power source to plug your device to. Extending the battery life of your laptop is important; it not only saves you a lot of money, it also puts off the need to purchase a new one.
Read this very short guide to learn how you can effectively extend the battery life of your laptop. You’ll find this guide very ideal and intuitive.


1 Dim your laptop screen. Most laptops have an option to adjust the brightness of your screen on the keyboard. Dimming the screen will take less energy and therefore prolong the life of the battery.

2 Choose the power save mode located in the “Power Options” section of your control panel. This automatically adjusts the cooling and activity on your computer to optimize battery life and lower the power usage.

3 Turn off all programs you do not need. Some program, such as Steam, iTunes and Desktop Search, run in the background. These take up energy and exiting the programs will prolong your laptop’s battery life.

4 Perform a defragging of your computer regularly. This will clear out junk from your hard drive. If your hard drive can run more efficiently, it will not take as much power. It will save energy and enhance battery life.

5 Choose hibernate instead of standby. This decreases small leaks of power while you are not using the computer. It shuts down your computer completely and resumesyour processes right where you left off.
With this knowledge in your mind and a little open-mindedness, you can make the most out of your laptop.


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