PLDT launches cloud infrastructure service

PLDT has set up PLDT Cloud, its own enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, to meet the demands of the local market that will reach P3.4 billion by 2014.

“PLDT has already laid down the groundwork in infrastructure that has enabled us to provide an industry-grade, complete, resilient, and reliable service in the Cloud,” said PLDT executive vice president Eric R. Alberto.

The telco is now offering solutions off its public cloud starting with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a virtualized computing solution that gives businesses the benefit of a full IT resource which they can directly provision, modify and monitor.

According to PLDT, enterprises using PLDT Cloud can scale to the level they require.

“This service allows the customer a level of control on the amount of required computing capacity as well as the period it will be needed. In other words, companies will only pay for the capacity that they need and the service that they use at any given time,” said PLDT ALPHA Enterprise head Jovy Hernandez.

“This is definitely more cost-effective than for companies to buy their own physical server stacks which aren’t fully utilized during non-peak periods,” he added.

PLDT also promises quick response to customers’ needs, as it fully controls and manages the cloud infrastructure. “Once a customer is enrolled to PLDT Cloud, virtual machine creation can be done in a matter of minutes,” said Alberto.

PLDT Cloud is housed in the network of PLDT VITRO data centers in Pasig City, Subic, and Cebu City.

IaaS is beneficial for businesses with increasing or unpredictable IT workloads over time that need IT infrastructure capable of responsively scaling up or down, such as the business process outsourcing, media and broadcasting, and banking and finance industries.


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