Globe, PLDT interconnect in Tarlac

Globe Telecom on Monday said it has completed its interconnection with Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co in Tarlac, paving the way for cheaper landline calls.

“With the development, landline customers of Globe and PLDT will also realize significant savings since they no longer need to pay for long distance charges when calling the other network,” the Ayala-led telco said in a statement.

Local interconnection means that residents and business establishments in various provinces or cities can make local calls without any extra charge.

In the past, a Globeline user calling a PLDT landline subscriber next door will be charged for long distance calls amounting to P6.50 per minute since there was no direct connection between the two companies.

“This shows that despite being competitors, major players like Globe and PLDT can still provide cooperation, coordination and support towards affording more people greater access to telecommunications,” Froilan M. Castelo, head of Globe Corporate and Legal Services Group said.

Castelo said the move is in line with the compulsory interconnection of authorized public telecommunications carriers under Republic Act No. 7925, which aims to create a universally accessible and fully integrated nationwide telecommunications network to encourage more infrastructure investments from the private sector that would benefit the consumers.

“We hope to provide local interconnection to all Globelines subscribers nationwide that is why we are always open to negotiations with other local exchange carriers. This way, we can help bring universal access and a fully-integrated telecommunications network to all our customers,” he added.


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