NTC urged to intervene in Globe-PLDT interconnection row

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is being asked to intervene in the delays in interconnection between Globe Telecom and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT).

In a letter to the NTC, Globe head of National Carrier Relations Division Melvin Santos asked the NTC to compel PLDT to fulfill its interconnection commitments with Globe, particularly in the provinces.

“Local interconnection with PLDT has been pending for years now despite orders from the NTC and public inconvenience,” he said.

Globe claimed only 11 out of the 32 candidate areas for local interconnection have been accommodated by PLDT for activation.

“Such inaction and neglect of NTC rules by PLDT betray their apparent lack of serious regard for the mandatory character of interconnection,” he said.

Globe initiated discussions for local interconnection with PLDT in 2006 and formalized its request in 2007.

“Despite our continuous and persistent efforts of following up with PLDT via letters, emails, telephone and numerous bilateral discussions there has no significant movement or progress on PLDT’s side currently,” Santos said.

Santos warned Globe is ready to go to court against PLDT.

“While we are ready to initiate administrative proceedings against PLDT, we are taking the present step in the spirit of an amicable resolution of our differences and consistent with the principle of exhaustion of administrative remedies,” he said.

For its part, PLDT spokesperson Ramon Isberto said it has continued to work with Globe to establish interconnection.

“As a result local interconnection has been established in several new areas over the past years and we will continue to work with Globe to establish more local interconnection  in more areas this year,” Isberto said.

Meanwhile, Globe welcomed the NTC’s move to look into reports of delays in text messages between Globe and Sun Cellular networks.

“We are open to the NTC conducting such a probe in order to determine the real cause of failed connections between telco companies.  We hope the NTC’s involvement in this issue will improve network interconnection as this is ultimately in the best interest of all mobile phone users,” Crisanto said.


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