5 things to like about PLDT’s heyÜ app

PLDT recently launched another new app to keep people even more connected with friends and family: heyÜ, an all-in call service from PLDT that connects one through the Internet and lets subscribers make NDD or IDD calls to other devices at low rates.

Putting a face to this new app is heyÜ brand ambassador hunkie Brazilian Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga who was among the first users of the app and who was raving about it at the launch. The 24-year-old Daniel shares, “I’ve lived here in the Philippines since I was 16 years old. Constant communication is really important to me especially because most of my family is in Brazil. I speak to my mom every day.”

Aw. But enough of dreamy Daniel and more of how you can benefit from heyÜ, too:

1. It keeps you connected.
heyÜ is open for Android devices such as telpads, tablets, and smartphones that is why people using it, or those who has been making calls from heyÜ user to another.

“I have a really hectic and active lifestyle, lalo na this year A lot of good things are happening especially in my acting career. With heyÜ, I can always find time for communication because it’s so simple to use,” Matsunaga shares.

All you need to do is register your details at pldthome.com/heyu, then download this new cool app from http://www.pldteshop.com or Google Play Store, and plug in the username and password provided by PLDT and you are ready to go.

2. Its free!
heyÜ lets users make and receive calls from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. For PLDT Telpad subscribers, they can easily make that free call from their heyÜ app to another heyÜ user or even PLDT landline through their Android devices.

“heyÜ subscribers get best value for their money because it combines the best things about digital and traditional communication platforms,” head of PLDT HOME Voice Solutions Patrick Tang says. “heyÜ is what PLDT envisions communication to be: simple, fast and reliable.”

Moreover, heyÜ also offers calls to Smart, Sun, and Talk n’ Text numbers for a minimum fee of PhP5.00 per minute.  Existing PLDT landline subscribers however need a monthly add-on of PhP100 to enjoy HeyÜ.

From left: PLDT heyÜ brand ambassador Daniel Matsunaga; EVP-Head of PLDT HOME Business Ariel Fermin; Head of PLDT HOME Product Development Nilo Castañeda; and Head of PLDT HOME Voice Solutions Patrick Tang. Photo by Analy Labor, InterAksyon.com.

3. Low rates for overseas call.
Thinking of calling your loved ones abroad, well heyÜ give you just that as it provides subscribers the lowest PLDT rates for international calls, PhP1.50 per minute for calls to US, Canada and Hawaii.

4. Multiple heyÜ accounts for PLDT subscribers
In one household, there is already a mix of people wanting to stay connected. That is why PLDT home saw this as a need for more accountss even if that house only has one landline number.

What more, PLDT Home hopes that the app will become viral through the sociable youth and also through the fact that one PLDT subscriber can have as many as five heyÜ accounts.

5. More features to come.
“This is just the first phase, because this is an app, we will have later on video calling instant messaging and even file transfer protocol,” promises Tang.  The PLDT group is working on having pictures sent, low rate calls to other countries abroad , and many more innovations that we can all enjoy through this app.


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